Bosnia & Herzegovina

Being an hour away from the Bosnian border warranted a quick day trip to Bosnia. Learned about Višegrad from some locals in Serbia, recommending me to visit ‘Andrićgrad’, a city dedicated to Yugoslav novelist and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić. Andrićgrad is built entirely from stone by Serbian film director Emir Kusturica, who also built Drvengrad … More Bosnia & Herzegovina


My second stop on my tour in Asia. I was planning to come here at some point, however, was a last minute decision to visit Malaysia this early on. An unexpected visa requirement for India made me postpone my visit, and prompted me to book a ‘day before’ flight to Malaysia and start by exploring … More Malaysia

Sri Lanka

My first proper experience in Asia; you may sense some extra excitement in this post. Seeing is believing I guess, apparently such places are as beautiful as they look on computers’ backgrounds. Sri Lanka is a country with a large population density (ranked 42nd globally), therefore the distances between towns are pretty short, which allows … More Sri Lanka


A part of Europe that presents a unique character, differing from the rest of the continent: The Balkans. Consisting of former ‘Yugoslavia’, but with Bulgaria substituting Slovenia, the balkans are a perfect choice for backpackers. With the exception of Croatia, which gained more popularity in recent years thus becoming more expensive, balkan countries are relatively … More Serbia


Whether it is Budapest’s history, its stunning architecture, lively ruin bars or the world-class goulash soup, the reasons to visit this city is endless. I was close to visiting Budapest several times in the past, but always ended up elsewhere. This year, I finally put an end to my wait, and wined up in Budapest … More Hungary


Working my way down the map, made a stop in Riga, Latvia. Took a LUX Express bus from Tallinn, Estonia which costs €14 and takes 4 hours and 30 minutes. Riga is a city that exhibits impressive architecture and detail-designed buildings. There are up to 8 centuries of architectural variety; walking down the streets you … More Latvia


Moving south from Finland, made a quick stop in Estonia for a couple of days. Tallinn, the capital, presents an interesting combination of modern and middle age architecture and infrastructure, giving it a unique display. I reached Tallinn by ferry from Helsinki, a trip that took about 2 hours and cost roughly €20. Tallinn Just … More Estonia


Another Scandinavian stop was Helsinki, spent a weekend exploring the capital and Suomenlinna, which are 6 linked islands off the coast of Helsinki. As you expect from any Scandinavian capital, Helsinki was pretty clean, cold and not very large in area. Helsinki Markets were among the impressive sights, ‘Hietalahden kauppahalli’ and ‘Old market hall’ specifically for … More Finland


There’s a certain appeal about Scandinavian countries, they are not as frequently visited as other western European countries, at least in my circle of family and friends. What has drawn me to visit Norway is mainly the northern lights; my research concluded that to have a bigger chance to witness this incredible natural phenomena, my … More Norway


London Not needing an introduction, nor getting into much details on what to do, where to stay, etc. I will, therefore, keep the literature in this post at a minimum, and just share some photos. Arrived on a Friday, hit the west end of the city for dinner and drinks with friends, and the party … More England